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Instructing AdamInstructing Adam

Cindy Smith has had it up to here with the tech support at her web hosting company. When she gets the opportunity to visit the company’s office, she shows up dressed to kill.(contemporary erotica)

She didn’t expect to find Adam the geeky tech support guy to be quite so cute. Nor did she expect the instant chemistry that blazed between them. When she begins to instruct him on giving better technical support things quickly get out of hand.

Praise from Readers

“That was SO good! I loved it!” ~ Dena Celeste

Instructing Adam

Friday Night Delights

by Selena Blake

(Southern erotic romance)

After a long, boring meeting Cherie just wants to let her hair down and have a little Friday Night fun. A strip tease for the hunky, sweet-talking carpenter next door might be just what the doctor ordered. But will she go too far? And exactly how much teasing can one man stand before he has to do something about it? (This is an ongoing story, posted chapter by chapter. Enjoy!)

Friday Night Delights

Ready & Willing

by Selena Blake

(paranormal romance)

Ava Garnier wants her father’s spot when he retires as Pack Alpha. She may be the middle child but she has what it takes to lead. The only thing standing in her way is Kaden Black, Pack Beta and her long time crush.

Only, she’s not crushing on him anymore. Not since he made it known that he isn’t going let her take over the pack. Neither werewolf will budge, tensions are running high, and they’re both trying to outdo each other.

But the Pack Alpha has already chosen the future path of the pack. And neither Ava or Kaden has a clue to how far they will have go to see their dream come true.

(This is an ongoing story, posted chapter by chapter. Enjoy!)

Friday Night Delights

A Cajun Werewolf Christmas by Selena BlakeA Cajun Werewolf Christmas

by Selena Blake

(The Happily Ever After to the Stormy Weather saga)

(paranormal romance)

Join Deveraux Pack for their first Christmas together. With Angel and Jules’ wedding days away, the pack braces the snow and cold for an unforgettable day. The men place a bet to see who can come up with the best baby present. And Mother Nature provides one last surprise for everyone.

Read the rest of the series.


Friday Night Delights

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