The Virgin Princess’s Rebellion (DSE, Book 3)

Series: Deep Space Encounters # 3

She'll complete them.

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The lore says all Illuminarians have one true mate. Princess Azula runs away from an arranged marriage only to be kidnapped. When one of her rescuers turns out to be the man from her past that she can’t forget, her true mate, she’s shocked to find out he’s already involved — with his handsome co-pilot.

Jace left Illuminaria, and Azula, in order to see the universe. He’s tried to deny the lure of his mate, but now that she’s only an arm’s length away, how will he be able to deny himself and his lover of her kiss, her love, her touch?

Azula does the honorable thing and decides to return home without her mate, leaving him and Eli to enjoy their life together. But with no clothes and no money, she must depend on their goodwill. But will she succumb to their desire?

This book was previously published by another publisher under the title Azula’s Rebellion.

Warning: Be prepared for an ultra steamy m/m/f menage with paranormal elements. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!



  • ISBN:
  • Publisher: Ecila Media Corp
  • Release Date: March 3, 2015
  • Keywords: sci fi, science fiction, space, futuristic, menage, triad, threesome, romance, sensual, royal, princess
  • Genres: Erotic Romance, Sci Fi
  • Heat Level: Sizzling
  • Length: Novella
  • Wordcount: 21000


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    “So that’s her,” Eli said.

    A statement rather than a question, Jace noted. He finished tucking the blanket around Azula’s lithe frame and glanced up at his lover. Eli leaned against the wall, and Jace could tell he was trying to appear as if everything was normal. But his arms were crossed over his broad chest and he looked tense.

    “What do you mean?” Jace straightened.

    “Don’t play dumb, Jace. I know about Illuminarians and their true mates. I always knew you had one. Wondered what she was like.” Eli glanced over at the sleeping beauty on their couch. “Now I know.”

    Jace stalked into the kitchen, not ready for this conversation. Eli had come to mean so much to him, but he couldn’t deny the incredible pull he felt with Azula so near. Like the strongest magnet in the universe. One he’d been resisting for almost a decade.

    Her presence perfectly explained why he’d had the best orgasm ever. Their connection plus Eli’s talented mouth made for a potent combination.

    Jace didn’t talk about Azula for one simple reason. He didn’t plan to do anything about her.

    He’d experienced the adventure bug early in life and it had never stopped biting him. Azula would require commitment. Stability. An end to his travels. But there was still so much to be explored. And he’d been having a hard time convincing Eli that traveling through space was the life they wanted. Eli was like Azula. Only Azula came with a crown and a seat on the court.

    Illuminarian law dictated that whomever she married would become the king. Her king. And as much as that particular idea appealed…especially to his baser senses, court life was not for him.