Surprising Darcy

Series: # 1

She's in for the surprise of her life.

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Two months ago Darcy Evans had a little too much to drink and during a night of hot sex, admitted one of her most secret fantasies… to have two men at once.

Today is her 29th birthday and her boyfriend Aiden Sinclair is ready to help her celebrate. In fact, he has a surprise in store that will make her fantasy a reality.

Warning: Includes two hunky males, a blindfold, decadent birthday cake, and a night of fantasy come to life.



  • ISBN:
  • Publisher: Ecila Media
  • Release Date:
  • Keywords: erotica, birthday, frosting, menage, multiple partners, surgeons, doctors, personal chef, short story
  • Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Erotica
  • Heat Level: Sizzling
  • Length: Novella
  • Wordcount: 17,000


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    Accolades & Reviews

    “Fabulous book. You can’t put the book down.” ~ Barbara, Smashwords

    What a sizzling short story.” ~ Cheryl, Amazon

    This book was the ultimate pick up for my day. I needed something to unwind to and Surprising Darcy was just want the doctor ordered.” ~ Amazon Customer

    “…a quick but not too dirty menage book.” ~ Rain, Amazon

    I loved this book.” ~ Amazon Customer

    Hot book, great story, great characters!” ~ MiiSarah, Amazon

    I want a birthday party like Darcy is thrown by her boyfriend! This was such a hot short story, Selena has done something amazing, she has [conveyed] a total story in such few words. With most short stories I feel cheated, begging for more, this story was whole and wonderful!! I love her work and everything Selena writes is sexy and inspiring!” ~ Lauren, Amazon


    Darcy Evans pulled her front door open and let her eyes rake over the handsome blond haired man leaning against the door frame. Her heart seemed to bounce around in her rib cage and her loneliness dissolved instantly.His brilliant blue eyes sparkled down at her as a slow smile showed off that cute dimple on his left cheek. Perfect white teeth peeked out from behind the sensuous lips that played a starring role in many of her fantasies.

    She smiled back, soaking in his presence. It was pathetic how much she’d missed him this past week. She should have gone out for drinks with her friends or something. Anything that would signify that she actually had a life outside of the kitchen and this incredible, seductive man.He pulled a bouquet of pink flowers from behind his back.

    “Happy Birthday.”

    He remembered! Oh yes, he really was perfect. Her own father couldn’t be bothered to remember the day his daughter was born, but Aiden…Aiden came from a family that celebrated important events.

    “Thank you!”  She accepted the bouquet and cuddled the flowers to her chest. Lilies. She inhaled deeply, letting the intoxicatingly sweet scent wash over her.  He stepped across the threshold, looking every bit the successful surgeon in his coal gray suit, and she raised her cheek for his kiss.

    Aiden Sinclair had been her friend since they’d shared a wall two apartments ago.  They’d been lovers for the last three blissful months and for the past week he’d been in Houston for a medical conference. Even though he’d called her throughout the week, there was nothing quite like being in his arms, feeling his touch, his kiss.

    He strode into her living room and she followed, admiring his easy movements. Some men would look restricted, uptight in a suit…but not him. His long legs gave him a sexy swagger. Sometimes she envisioned him as a heart stealing, treasure plundering pirate…maybe he was in a past life.

    As usual, he looked completely at home and that familiar fantasy took over…the one where he came home to her every night. She could see him standing in the foyer, flipping through mail, or shaving, first thing in the morning. It was a dangerous fantasy, one that would be so easy to wish for. But she had no business wishing for such things, they’d only been together for three months… and four days, but who was counting.She grimaced.

    She was counting.

    Aiden stopped next to the black and white cat on the arm of the sofa. Green-gold eyes squinted open and stared up at him. He gave Cookie a long stroke and then scratched under her chin. Cookie looked up at Darcy as if to say “Haha…I’m getting all the love.”

    It was pathetic to be jealous of a feline. Really, it was…but she knew what it felt like to be petted and caressed by those masterful hands.He pulled a small fuzzy mouse from his pocket and placed it between the cat’s front paws.

    “A little something to keep you occupied,” he said and straightened.Yep, definitely perfect. She bit her tongue to keep from shouting “marry me now!”

    He turned and gave her one of his trademark smiles. For a moment she wondered if she’d spoken out loud, but then he whispered “I have a surprise for you too,”and her insides went to mush.

    “I like surprises,” she purred, letting her fingers walk up his chest.  At six feet tall, Aiden was God’s gift to womankind.  Golden blond hair, bright turquoise eyes, and a come- hither-smile that had women crawling over each other to get to him.  Whether he was in a suit, scrubs, or nothing but skin, he was breathtaking.  Trapping her hand under his, he made a sound somewhere between a growl and a groan. It reverberated through her blood, all the way to her toes. How could this man turn her on so quickly? So often?

    Wrapping his hands around her rib cage, his thumbs grazed the side of her breasts and she fought for self control so she wouldn’t push herself into his hands.  She needed to play hard to get, at least occasionally.

    The truth was she was putty in his hands. And he knew it.

    “So,” she said, tearing herself away from him and his dreamy eyes.  She strode into the kitchen, letting her hips sway.  “What’s my surprise?” she asked, knowing he’d follow her.

    She stopped at the sink and pulled out a vase from the cabinet below.  He was just an inch behind her, she could feel his heat, smell his scent… raw masculinity mixed with the freshness of shaving cream.

    He clamped his hands around her hips and pulled her ass against his erection.

    “No surprise there, big boy.”

    “You’ll get your surprise soon enough.”  A strong hand ran down her thigh, past the hem of her skirt to the naked flesh of her leg.  Slowly, seductively, he drew his hand upward, pulling the fabric up with it. It was far too easy to succumb to the touch she thought of every day and dreamed of every night.

    So she swatted his hand away and pushed him over to a nearby chair.

    “Let me finish this,” she murmured, taking the lilies out of the wrapping and then slowly, precisely cutting off the stems before slipping each one into the vase.  She knew his eyes were following her every movement. And he was probably willing her to hurry up. She was planning on it.

    Never had she met a man who was so attentive. Who wanted her so much. Sometimes when Aiden looked at her, her knees actually went weak. She’d always thought that was a made up reaction, something for the movies. But with him, it was real. And fierce.

    “So how was your trip?” she asked as she filled the vase with water.

    “Typical conference. A bunch of boring doctors and hotel food. I could have really used my personal chef,” he said.  He often called her his personal chef since she was a personal chef for the rich and famous.  Aiden wasn’t rich, although he was a doctor and famous with the little old ladies at the hospital.  But he did love her food and Darcy loved to feed him.

    “Is that your way of saying you missed me?” she teased.

    “Of course I missed you.  I missed your biscuits. Your smile. And a few other things.”

    Aiden winked at her as she turned from the sink, her focus on him now.  He gave her a naughty grin, wanting her undivided attention tonight.  She was playing with him. Making him want her. Miss her, even though only a handful of space separated them. She coked her head and gave him a secret smile, small but effective.  His cock tightened painfully in his pants.

    He wanted that shiny lipstick on his skin. Her pale pink lips locked on his cock. To wake up in the morning and have the glittering tattoos remind him of what an awesome night they’d shared.

    Her brown eyes sparkled as she ran her fingers through the chocolate colored strands of her hair, twisting it to the side.

    His hands itched to take over the job.  She wound it up into a bun on the top of her head, showing off the delectable column of her neck.

    He couldn’t wait to get his lips on her, to taste her skin.  It was always warm, soft, and delicately scented.  She used different lotions each day and he found himself daydreaming between surgeries.  Would she smell of honeysuckle, roses or something spicier?  Thoughts of Darcy were distracting especially when he was supposed to be concentrating on other things, like work. Or driving. Or lifting an extra twenty pounds on the bench press.

    He had it bad.

    Darcy had finally become the butterfly he’d known was fluttering under the surface all these years.  Her new found confidence was sexy as hell.  She showed off her skin now instead of covering it up.  She made eye contact with people. She smiled more.

    Three months ago he’d seen that spark in her eyes come to life and known she was ready for a relationship.  She was ready to stop denying their chemistry.

    Thank God for that.

    He leaned forward as if asking for permission to get closer.  Her gaze was drawn to the soft blue tie against the dark gray shirt.  From there she studied the sharp line of the perfectly pressed collar against the freshly shaved skin of his neck.  She couldn’t wait to kiss and lick there.  And upwards to his earlobe and over to each sexy side burn.  Her nipples tightened beneath the soft lace of her bra.

    She was aching to get out of her clothes. To be naked against him, flesh against flesh with only a fine sheen of sweat separating them.  She smiled and drew him to her with a flick of her finger.

    In two steps he was across the kitchen, wrapping his arms around her.  His lips came down hard on hers, shocking her with his intensity.  She tipped her head back giving him better access, offering herself to him.

    He teased and taunted her with the tip of his tongue.  It was a game he often played.  She knew he wasn’t just asking for entrance.  He was priming her, seducing her.  But she had her own tools for seduction.