Reclaiming Isis (DSE, Book 1)

Series: Deep Space Encounters # 1

They'll do anything to claim their bride.

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Seven months ago, their bride disappeared but Tristin and Rafe never stopped looking for her. When no amount of money or searching produces results, they turn to each other for support.

Then a routine stop on Prime C delivers the shock of a lifetime. Isis doesn’t remember the two men who claim she belongs with them, but her body certainly does.

With danger on their heels and an enemy who will stop at nothing to silence their triad, Rafe and Tristin must protect Isis while they fight to win her heart again.

Features two sinfully handsome mercenaries, a voluptuous woman, m/f/m pleasure and a love that will last a lifetime.



  • ISBN: 9781310896156
  • Publisher: Ecila Media Corp
  • Release Date: January 27, 2015
  • Keywords: sci fi, romance, series, novella, trilogy, science fiction
  • Genres: Erotic Romance, Sci Fi, Sensual Romance
  • Heat Level: Sizzling
  • Length: Novella
  • Wordcount: 25000


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    Rafe Montero threw his arm over Isis’s shoulders as they stomped down the gangway. The market was busy as usual with shoppers and merchandise overflowing down side streets and onto the landing pad.
    Tristin slapped him on the back and stepped ahead of them. Walking backwards, he shot Isis one of his trademark smiles.

    “So we’ll meet back at the ship in thirty?” he asked.

    “Yep,” Isis replied and reached out to steady him as he bumped into an old man.

    Tristin twisted out of the way, laughing and apologizing to the man before giving his attention back to Rafe and Isis. “Alright. Well, I’ve got my orders. I don’t want this excursion to take a second longer than necessary.”

    The look he shot Isis was hot as a Defcan volcano. Rafe knew the feeling himself, all too well. They were more than eager to get their bride home, in bed.

    Tristin took off at a jog, merging with the colorful crowd before disappearing into the sandy cloud that swept the surface of this planet.

    “I second that,” Isis murmured. “Now that that mission is over, I plan to languish on the terrace and let you two have your way with me.”

    Rafe grinned down at her. “I love being married,” he murmured and then swept her into a kiss that made him hard and achy in an instant.

    He was just getting into it when she pressed her hands against his chest and grinned up at him. The mischief in her beautiful green eyes sent his pulse racing.

    “Me too. Now, I’ve got some shopping to do.”

    “See you in thirty,” he said, reluctant to let her go.

    “Love you,” she called over her shoulder.


    Rafe returned two minutes early to find Tristin sitting on the gangway. A half-eaten reddish-yellow fruit dangled from his fingertips and he wore a smile of satisfaction. Either that Earth Apple was extra tasty or he and Isis had finished their shopping early and had started the party without Rafe.

    Years ago that would have made him jealous, but Tristin completed the circle, made Rafe whole again. He couldn’t imagine life without his best friend and fighting over Isis hadn’t been an option. Losing either of them would have shredded his soul.

    “Get everything on the list?” he asked, propping a boot against the edge of the gangway.

    “And then some.” Tristin wiggled his eyebrows up and down, looking ten years younger.

    “Isis on board?”

    Tristin shook his head, his gaze sweeping the port over Rafe’s shoulder.

    “I’ll go put this stuff away and we’ll be ready to go as soon as she gets back.” The sooner they took to the sky, the sooner they could get home. And the sooner they got home, the sooner they could lose themselves in Isis’s brilliance and love.

    They needed a vacation in the worst way after that last mission.

    He decided to hide the presents he’d gotten Isis and Tristin so they’d be a surprise when they got to Dornick. She had a fondness for silky fabrics and the animals on Leo Moon had particularly soft pelts. And since Tristin loved daggers, Rafe hadn’t been able to pass up a handmade blade with a whelvan horn for the handle.

    After completing his preflight check, taking care of business and grabbing a snack, he headed back to the gangway.

    “Any sign of her?”

    Tristin shook his head, his gaze still searching the throng of people for their beautiful wife. Her golden-red mane would be easy to spot in the fading daylight.

    “She’s late,” Tristin said, tossing the apple core away. A small, furry scavenger darted from beneath their ship and carried the remnant of fruit away, making happy little squeaking sounds.

    “She’s never late,” Rafe replied, worry pinching his brows. Isis had always been incredibly punctual which was just one of the many things he loved about her. Her punctuality had saved their ass on more than one occasion.

    “I’ll try her comm,” Tristin said. He tapped the call button and braced his forearms against his knees as he waited. Rafe sat down next to him and looked out at the landing pad. Pad might be stretching it a bit.

    It was a flat surface free from debris and obstacles. But the surface was sandy and kicked up like a son-of-a-bitch during takeoff and landing. It was a wonder there weren’t more accidents due to the poor visibility.

    “No answer.”

    Rafe sighed. “Maybe she got hung up. You know how she loves to haggle.”

    They waited another thirty.

    “I’m going to go look for her,” Tristin said as he stood.

    “I’ll leave her a message on the computer in case she comes back and then I’ll stop by that little stall she loves so much.” The one with all the aphrodisiacs that the three of them enjoyed.

    Tristin nodded.

    “Try her comm again,” Rafe called as Tristin stalked away, his long legs eating up the sandy soil.

    It took hardly any time at all to leave a message on the main computer, lock up the ship and retrace his steps to where he’d seen her last. He followed the direction she’d been heading and made his way to the cluster of stores she frequented whenever they came to the market.

    Fabrique from Tajeek, out-of-this-world chocolates, healing waters from Oasis 9, and finally, aphrodisiacs. Fruits, candies, dust and drinks, the tidy little stall had it all.

    He spoke to the proprietor in her native language and was surprised that she remembered him. She went on and on about how good it was to see Isis again and how glad she was that they enjoyed her products.

    Patience wearing thin, he held up a hand and offered her a small smile. “So you’ve seen Isis today?”

    The ancient nodded and began talking again, her hands flying along with her words.
    He thanked her for the information and stepped to the next booth, where Isis had evidently headed next. He had a similar conversation with that proprietor and then stepped to the next stall. The man said he’d seen her cut down the alley behind the booths.

    Rafe called Tristin on the comm and filled him in.

    “I see you. Wait for me,” Tristin said. A few moments later they were side by side, heading down the alley.

    Tristin’s comm buzzed and he answered immediately.

    The sound of Isis’s scream coming through the tiny speaker made Rafe’s heart stop mid-beat.