Pursued by a Werewolf

Series: Mystic Isle # 4

Forever is a very long time. Or is it long enough?

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Fun and flirty vampiress Avery Cooper has met her match in werewolf Hunter Ciolek. Watch the sparks fly in New York Times Bestselling author Selena Blake’s much anticipated novel, Pursued by a Werewolf, Mystic Isle book 4.

Werewolf Hunter Ciolek knew Avery was the woman for him the moment they met. He negotiated and seduced, befriended and pursued her. But nothing changed her mind about love.

Avery Cooper knows firsthand how love can destroy a person. She vowed to enjoy every moment of her second chance at life while keeping a wall around her heart. But a chance meeting with the ultra-dreamy, smooth talking Hunter Ciolek threatens her carefully constructed rules.

Hunter has a new plan and only a few short weeks to make her see things his way because living without her is not an option and this werewolf always gets what he wants.

Warning: One vamp who thinks she has everything she needs plus one once-in-a-lifetime gorgeous werewolf who will stop at nothing to win her equals a stunning romance packed with emotion and sizzling sex. You’ll never look at a yoga mat the same way again.



  • ISBN: 9781311657367
  • Publisher: Ecila Media
  • Release Date: December 11, 2013
  • Keywords: paranormal romance, vampire, werewolf, shape-shifter, demons, Fae
  • Genres: Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance
  • Heat Level: Sensual
  • Length: novel
  • Wordcount: 45000


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    Accolades & Reviews


    “This steady paced and smooth flowing plot engages the reader with lots of romance, passion and emotional drama. The author brings the story and the characters to life with vivid images and details that make it seem as if the reader is part of the story. The strong compelling characters grab the reader’s attention and allow the reader to easily relate to them.”Evampire at The Romance Reviews, Top Pick

    “Pursued by a Werewolf is one of my favorite Selena Blake books by far. Selena took her time with this book and for me as a reader it paid off.” Unromantic Mondays

    Pursued by a Werewolf is yet another example of the compelling and totally addictive writing of Selena Blake. No wonder my trips to Mystic Isle always leave me with a tear in my eye and hope in my heart.” Arch Angel on Amazon

    Selena Blake has done it again! This series just keeps getting better and better! Ultimate love em and leave em never let anyone get close Avery has meet her match in the gorgeous Hunter. This story is a battle of wills since Hunter has decided that Avery is his true mate and will stop at nothing to get her! Avery has every reason not to let anyone get too close, but she has no idea how far Hunter will go to get her to see him in a new light! Won’t give an spoilers away but you will meet some new characters and get a small look into Valencia and her story is next! Can’t wait for the next book!” Cilicia White on Amazon

    “The author kept the sexual heat simmering on the back burner throughout the book, turning up the heat to boiling point and then returning to simmering again, keeping us wanting more. Mix this together with a great storyline, loveable characters, you are onto a winner, well done author, another great addition to this amazing series.” L. on Amazon

    “Loved the book! A great book about one finally being about to get over her past of being afraid of falling in love and the other not giving up on his love for her.Samantha Hodges on Amazon

    “A great true love story. I loved Hunter’s and Avery’s story.” SamanthaJayne on Nook

    “This was a wonderful romance. Would that we could all find someone like Hunter, a man who is sexy, gorgeous, protective, and caring and who will go to all lengths to prove his love to you. Selena Blake sure knows how to write romance. The epilogue was beautifully romantic. I loved seeing old friends from Mystic Isle and am looking forward to seeing more of them find HEA” ZR1000 on Nook



    Two solstices ago

    Cool white sand squished between Avery Cooper’s toes as she jogged across the volleyball court. Something about Mystic Isle made her feel more alive than she ever had when she’d been human. Surrounded by good friends, sexy men and an island paradise…what more could a girl want? Aside from winning the game of course.

    The girls’ team was winning. Barely.

    Girls against guys’ volleyball had been an inspired decision on her part. Sexy alpha males did not like losing, under any circumstance. But as much as they were moaning and groaning about getting whupped, she could tell the men on the other side of the net were having a roaring good time. There was plenty of laughter, butt slapping and trash talk.

    One male in particular was sending her heated looks that said the two of them could be having an even better time off the court. She was ready and willing, just as soon as the match was over.

    Volleyball perched on her hip, she reached up and adjusted the triangular slip of blood red fabric covering her left breast. Perhaps a string bikini wasn’t the smartest choice in attire for this sport. But then again, it wasn’t like she would shock anyone if she played nude. This was a sex resort after all and immortals weren’t known for their modesty. Which was all the more reason she felt like she belonged.

    Once she was sure that she wasn’t about to flash everyone, she spun the ball between her hands and stared across the court. The werewolf’s gaze was locked on her chest. Hands hooked around his lean hips, he wasn’t paying the least bit of attention to the game. Nope, he was well and truly distracted.

    Smiling to herself, she called out for the girls to get ready. Pouring every bit of power she possessed into the serve, the white ball soared over the net. A tall, lean, blond vamp jumped for the leather sphere and missed. The ball landed at the werewolf’s feet.

    Avery and the rest of the girls hooted, hollered and hugged as the men grumbled good naturedly.

    “Good job!” she told Coco, Izzy, Valencia and the rest of the team.

    Too bad Ceara had missed it. Despite what the young, sheltered vamp thought, she could take care of herself. And she more than belonged on Mystic Isle. Maybe if they gave her a makeover she’d see how much raw potential she’d been blessed with. It was too bad she hid it beneath baggy clothes.

    Grayson West, Coco’s new beau, ducked under the net and swept her coven mate up in his arms. The ebony skinned beauty giggled, hugging him tight around the shoulders and called out a quick good-bye.

    As the rest of them celebrated their victory she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up. In her thirty years since becoming a vamp, she’d learned to listen to her instincts. Without turning around, she knew who was behind her, watching her. The wolf.

    She turned anyway, eager to accept the promise that had been in his eyes throughout the game.

    He was well over six feet tall with the kind of lean muscles mortal men worked hard to achieve. Toned to perfection with the most incredibly sculpted biceps she’d ever had the pleasure of seeing, she knew right then that she didn’t want to go to sleep without feeling those arms around her. The man should have been a swim wear model; the black swim trunks clinging to his hips would have sold out faster than Princess Kate’s latest outfit.

    But it was his face that really did it for her. He had wide, kissable lips. Sensuously set, they almost guaranteed they knew how to nip and nibble their way down a woman’s body. His jaw was covered in a day or two of stubble giving him a delicious, scruffy look. She lost track of space and time as she imagined that slight beard tickling the insides of her thighs.

    Licking her lips, she mentally shook her head and focused on her survey. His nose was strong and straight, not too big, not too small but perfect for his face.

    The intensity with which he watched her made her whole body tighten. He studied her just as she was compiling a list of all his finer attributes. Silent. Watchful. Waiting.

    Even though he seemed completely relaxed, his brows drew together and down ever so slightly, giving him a thoughtful, almost brooding appearance. She’d never been particularly attracted to the brooding type, but on him, she was in serious lust.

    There was a scar through his left brow that she found fascinating. How had he gotten it and why did that small imperfection add so much danger to an otherwise arresting face?

    Oh yes, butterflies were taking flight in her stomach. She took a deep breath and continued her slow perusal. He was still looking his fill and turnabout was fair play, after all.

    She loved how his dark hair was a little on the long side, curling out at the nape of his neck. The gentle waves cascading down along either side of his forehead gave him a slightly wild look. How was it possible for one face to be both classically gorgeous and wickedly rugged at the same time?

    A violent tremor of desire shook her. Her nipples tightened and that tremor turned into a tingle that took up residence between her legs, stronger than ever before.

    Did he have some special power? Invisible touch? Telekinesis?

    “Good game. You have one helluva serve.”

    Oh…he had a light accent and deep, dreamy voice. Where was he from? With the way he stretched out the word good, she was guessing eastern Europe. Russia perhaps? And why did she want to ask him a thousand questions just so he’d keep talking?

    He remained silent. Still. Focused.

    A small smile transformed him from dark and dangerous to heart-stoppingly-gorgeous. The kind of heart-stoppingly-gorgeous that kicked you in the gut, stealing your breath and melted you under its spell.

    Her jaw dropped a fraction. That was the last thing she’d expected to come out of those oh-so-kissable lips.

    Wanna fuck?

    You’re hot.

    Or any other number of pick-up lines was what she was used to. This guy was original and charming. Where had he come from?

    She took a step closer.

    Between the terrace lamps, moonlight, and solstice bonfire, she could tell that he was one of those lucky devils whose natural lip color was what women everywhere longed for and spent a fortune on lipstick to achieve. But his lips were a rosy red that made her ache to kiss and lick him.

    And his eyes, oh his eyes. Brown. Deep green? She couldn’t quite tell. Maybe a mixture of both. But it wasn’t so much the color but the depth there, the laser like focus that told her just how good he could make her feel. Right now, all that focus was on her.

    The tingle grew stronger.

    There was something else in those watchful eyes, admiration in addition to appreciation. That was new.

    “Thanks.” It was rare for her to feel nervous these days, especially when it came to desire. But there was something about him that put her on edge. Not enough to turn away and tuck tail. But just enough to kick up her adrenaline level. She wrapped her right arm around her waist and his eyes tracked the movement.

    “I’m not sure if you were distracted or if you let us win,” she teased. Had he purposefully missed the ball so that the game would be over and he could confront her? The possibility was delicious.

    “I guess we’ll never know.”

    He just stood there, an arm’s length away, staring into her eyes. So close and yet, too far.

    Why didn’t he make a move? Any other man would have already swept her into his arms or at least asked if she wanted to fuck. But this man, this handsome werewolf, simply stood there looking at her until she was ready to beg.

    Maybe he wanted her to make the first move. That would be a first. She’d never known a werewolf to be the sit-back-and-wait type. But then, they said patience was a virtue.

    Unfortunately, patience wasn’t one of her virtues. Especially when it came to tall, dark and dangerously handsome immortals. And lately, it’d been harder and harder to find a man that revved her engine. Right now, said engine was purring like an expensive sports car.

    “We should go celebrate your victory somewhere more private,” he murmured and something inside her melted at the undercurrent of command in his deep voice.

    That was more like it.

    She couldn’t have wiped the smirk off her lips for anything. He was exactly what she needed to scratch her itch.

    “I thought you’d never ask,” she said.

    He reached for her hand and they ran across the terrace and through the hotel like they were dodging raindrops. A laugh bubbled up in her chest. It felt good to run, to hold hands, to experience the giddiness that anticipation caused. She felt good. She felt…happy.

    The second the elevator doors closed she launched herself against him. He caught her easily, slipping one arm around her waist. The other hand cupped her ass as she wrapped her legs around his hips. Arms tight across his shoulders, she reveled in his strength and how perfect she felt in his arms. Snug. Safe. Sexy.

    Like two pieces of a puzzle clicking together.

    The thought would have scared her if she’d had time to contemplate it. But he dipped his head and brushed his lips against hers, igniting a fire deep inside.

    His firm lips moved over hers with just enough pressure to make her want more. She’d been right. He knew how to kiss a woman.

    The second his tongue touched her lower lip she opened to his sensual invasion. Hot and wet, their tongues danced and dueled, stirring the embers.

    He backed her against the wall, holding her there with ease as his hands explored her body. It took him no time at all to pull the knots of her bikini loose, leaving her naked and panting.

    Oh, she wanted him, needed to know if all their pieces fit together so perfectly. A warning bell went off in the back of her mind, reminding her that nothing was as perfect as it seemed.

    Tearing his lips away, he kissed her throat and shifted his hips between her thighs. Holy Moses. He was—

    His tongue took advantage of her gasp and slipped between her lips again, stealing all thoughts. She parried right back, raking her nails gently against his scalp. He growled low in his throat and the vibration rumbled through the solid wall of chest muscle and into her aching nipples.

    Her body was hot and liquid, fully charged for pleasure. She’d never experienced such a high, as if her body were one giant nerve ending ready to be stroked into bliss. Oh, a girl could get used to this all right.

    She secretly wondered how many times he would be able to make her come tonight. Since she was eighty percent there from a kiss, chances were good she’d strike the orgasm jackpot.

    The elevator chimed an announcement of their arrival. He didn’t even let her down as the doors opened. She felt her bikini bottom dangling down from one of the strings. But with each step he took, that massive erection shifted between her thighs, coming into contact with her clit and drove all thought of who might see her naked ass right out of her mind.

    He stopped and leaned her back against a door. Feeling playful and sexy, she teased one of his nipples with her fingertip and was rewarded with a growl.

    “Woman, you keep that up and I won’t be liable for my actions.”

    “Mmm…that sounds promising.”

    He raised an eyebrow at her as he fished around in the pocket of his swim trunks.

    “You like messing with fire?” he asked. His tone let her know he was pleased with the discovery.

    “Very much. Being a vampire is so cold.” And lonely.

    Where had that thought come from? She wasn’t lonely. Heck, she was hardly ever alone. She had fabulous coven mates and they were always up for an adventure. Correction…they were slowly dragging Ceara into their adventures.

    “What’s put that smile on your lips?” he murmured.

    He fumbled with the key card. She heard it hitting the door, obviously missing the slot. She loved that she made him lose his cool because she gathered that this man was always carefully restrained; in control of his body, his mind, and his surroundings.

    For just a moment she wondered what it would be like to let him take control. To have his way with her. She’d never let someone else in the driver’s seat…not since Robert.

    But she wasn’t going to think of him now. Tonight was about sex. Lots and lots of hot, multiple-orgasm sex. Delicious anticipation filled her and her smile widened. It was then that she realized why she was smiling.

    “You,” she told him.

    He was the reason she felt so sexy and alive and on edge. He wasn’t anything she’d expected, and for once, that was nice.

    “You’ll have to tell me what I did so I can do it again.”

    The door opened and they practically tumbled into the dark room. Her vision adjusted quickly, but she only had eyes for him. He did a quick inspection of their surroundings over the top of her head and as if satisfied that he was in the right place, or perhaps that there was no threat, he turned her against the nearest wall and let the door slam shut behind them.

    He kissed her throat, nipped her earlobe, then gently grazed his teeth over her chin before kissing her lips again. How was it that he’d barely touched her and she felt so thoroughly aroused? Like they’d engaged in hours of teasing foreplay?

    Something about the way he touched her, the way their bodies fit together made her open her mouth to speak up. Or maybe it was that alarm going off in the back of her mind.

    “I only have one rule,” she murmured between kisses against his glorious chest.

    She’d never had to issue her one and only rule aloud, but this man… There was something different about him from all the men she’d been with and she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. His quiet strength called to her. He had a laid back nature and a confidence that she wanted to soak in. Everything about him made her want to wake up in his arms tomorrow and make plans for the day after…

    She’d been down that route before and it had destroyed her.

    “Name it.”

    “One night only…” She nuzzled his neck and felt the thump of blood through his artery. Thanks to Valencia, she’d never had to sip from the source. But right now, she wanted to. The urge was nearly as strong as the need between her legs.

    “How about we negotiate?”

    She pulled back and looked up at him. He wanted more than one night?

    “What are your terms?” She whispered the words, suddenly feeling out of her depth.

    “I’m not good at sharing…” He coasted a possessive hand down her side. “So while you’re on the island, you’re with me.”

    He did that hip rotation thing again, reminding her of all the thick, powerful inches that could give her one hell of a ride if only she said yes.

    Who was she kidding? She was more than ready for him to rock her world.

    “I can live with that,” she said and sealed their deal with a kiss.