Mystic Isle

Series: Mystic Isle # 6

Where Paranormals Play

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Don’t miss Mystic Isle, where paranormals play. Five books by New York Times bestseller Selena Blake.

Grayson West is on leave, visiting Mystic Isle to blow off steam when he collides with a blast from the past. The beautiful vampiress Coco Jeffres stole his heart a century ago on the battlefield. They were sworn enemies; can they overcome the past for a chance at a future?

Ceara Blackwell meets the werewolf of her dreams in Maxim Ciolek but he’s on the hunt for a mate and she’s not on the list. But their mutual attraction won’t be denied.

Shade has won enough card games in his life to know when to hold. The beautiful vamp hell bent on paying for the damage she caused is definitely worth holding on to. But what will happen when she finds out they’ll be going head-to-head in the poker tournament…and he never loses?

Werewolf Hunter Ciolek knew Avery was the woman for him the moment they met. He negotiated and seduced, befriended and pursued her. But nothing changed her mind about love and now he has a new plan and only a few short weeks to make her see things his way because living without her is not an option and this werewolf always gets what he wants.

Three hundred years ago Dameon LeBeau fell in love with Valencia Fabelle but betrayal tore them apart. He’s never gotten over her and now he has four days to win her back.



  • ISBN:
  • Publisher: Ecila Media Corp
  • Release Date: July 28, 2015
  • Keywords: paranormal romance, werewolf, vampire, demons, fantasy, beach read
  • Genres: Paranormal Romance
  • Heat Level: Sensual
  • Length: Novella, novel
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    Accolades & Reviews


    From A Werewolf to Call Her Own

    “I know it’s irrational,” she murmured, “being afraid of demons.”

    He glanced down to find her staring straight ahead, looking at herself in the mirror-like doors, almost as if she was giving herself a talking to.

    “Demons are not all bad,” he replied carefully.

    “I know that,” she said sharply. But then her mouth softened. “I do. It’s just a reflex, I guess.”

    Her fangs peeked over her bottom lip, bright white in contrast with the rosy lip-gloss. He’d never been so turned on by vamps before, so what was it about this one? The way her heartbeat quickened whenever he touched her? Or the way her eyes had gone impossibly wide when he’d licked her fingers? Perhaps it was the way she’d played along with his charade, her breath catching like they were long-time lovers. She had no problem following his lead.

    Despite his position as beta of the pack, werewolves were known for their stubbornness and having a mind of their own. His people were tough, forged from long hard winters. The Shewolves, more often than not, were outspoken, some would even say brash. Confident to the core. They did not need a man and they made sure all the males of the pack knew it.

    Having someone who let him lead was refreshing. It was nice to be needed.

    The elevator slowed to a stop. Such a marvelous invention, he still wasn’t used to them. Then the doors opened to reveal a glass wall that offered an amazing view of the ocean.

    “Wow.” Her voice was quiet, but full of awe. She stepped off the elevator, the rubber soles of her hot pink thongs flopping against the tile floor.

    He pushed open one of the tall glass doors and waited for her to pass by, fighting the urge to sweep her up into his arms and step back onto the elevator and hustle her back to his room. His palms itched to do just that when she placed a hand at the center of his chest, glancing up at him briefly to give a breathy, “Thank you.”

    Everything about her, from her nervous tics to the clothes she wore, shouted her inner conflict. Her innocence was at war with a more confident, eager-to-experience-life woman. She seemed painfully young, and yet, oh so curious. Hips swaying, she strode past a line of lounge chairs to the deck railing. Maxim didn’t miss the interested glances from several of the men populating the rooftop bar.

    “For?” he asked, rushing to catch up.

    “Being a gentleman.” She did that hair tuck thing again that made his fingers twitch to take over.

    He almost snorted. If she knew what he was thinking and feeling, how he wanted to shield her from all the prying eyes, whisk her away and strip off those clothes… she wouldn’t call him a gentleman. In fact, he’d be willing to bet that she’d go wide-eyed, then turn tail and run.

    No, he didn’t feel particularly gentlemanly right now. She made his inner wolf sit up and take notice. It was all he could do to keep the damn beast calm. “No one’s ever called me a gentleman before.”

    He wouldn’t tell her the list of things he had been called. Some good. Some, not so good. Cagey, crazy, brilliant, moody, self-reliant, even selfish. No, he wasn’t about to tell her and ruin her first impression of him.

    “That doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

    As for the men watching her as she strode past the bar, he shot them all a proprietary glance as he joined her at the rail. “See them yet?”

    Hands on the banister, she leaned forward, her gaze sweeping right, and then far left. The breeze caught her hair, whipping it away to reveal the column of her throat. Suddenly she wasn’t standing on the rooftop bar, but rather on the back deck of his home, looking out over the valley. And instead of short gym shorts and a T-shirt, she wore a sleeveless dress that showed off her shoulders to perfection. The wind carried her silky hair around in a riotous mess. That profile. So familiar. So perfect.

    “No,” she said, pulling him from the daydream.

    “Keep looking. I’ll look this way.”

    She glanced over at him and smiled. It was a small smile, not the least bit sexual, but he felt it all the way to his toes.

    Needing a bit of distance to clear his head, he stepped around her and made his way to the end of the observation deck. Soft holiday music and ceaseless chatter carried on the breeze. The deck offered a three hundred and sixty degree view of the island and the dark ocean waters beyond. From here, the stars looked within reach. The moon, a marshmallow to be plucked from the sky and devoured.

    A newly familiar scent swirled beneath his nose and he shifted to make space for her.

    “There,” she said simply, lifting a long, elegant arm to point at the ocean.

    He followed her finger, the same finger he’d recently had in his mouth, and saw the school of dolphins swimming through the moon-streaked sea. Wordlessly, they stood and watched until the dolphins swam out of sight.

    She turned to him then, grinning shyly. “That was amazing. I love dolphins.”

    “You should try a swimming excursion,” he suggested, trying to keep his cock calm.

    “Oh—” Her excitement dimmed quickly as she digested the idea. Then, “I can’t.”

    He started to ask why not but a burst of red light halted the words on his lips. Behind them, fireworks exploded in the night sky. The party-goers on the deck all shuffled to the far side of the roof, oohing and ahhing.

    He didn’t miss the way the woman at his side flinched when the enormous boom shook the air around them, reverberating through his bones.

    “You all right?” he asked, sliding a hand across her back to give her shoulder a squeeze.

    She nodded quickly. “I’ve never seen them before.”


    “In real life, I mean.”


    “The boom is much louder,” she added.


    She stayed rooted to the spot, her hand gripping the railing tightly. Too tightly. She might be young, but like all vamps she was strong. The wood splintered beneath her fingernails.

    He trailed a hand down her arm, felt her shiver, and laced his fingers through hers. “Why don’t you hold on to me? I’m indestructible.”