Say hello to Teo and Jill (Toying With Her SEAL)

150_twhsHello book lovers!

I’m so pleased that Toying With Her SEAL is available as a stand-alone story. If you purchased the Seven Naughty SEALs bundle in autumn of 2015, you have a copy of this sinfully sweet holiday romance.

It was supposed to be a no-strings, harmless, shortlived, get-the-SEAL-out-of-her-system fling.

The men in Jillian’s life don’t stick around and she’s come to grips with that. Yet, when one week turns to two and Teo shows no signs of moving on, she can’t help but get her hopes up.

Teo just got out of long, committed relationship with the military. He has no intention of settling down, no matter how delicious Jillian tastes.

Except… maybe it’s his retirement or perhaps the holiday cheer, but he can’t get the curvy, brunette coffee shop owner out of his head. And he did promise her a fling…

Lucky for her, a SEAL never does anything half-assed, especially when it comes to making a woman scream with pleasure.


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