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  Instructing Adam by Selena Blake Contemporary Romance Shorty Story More Than Attraction by Selena Blake

Ready & Willing (paranormal novel)

A Cajun Werewolf Christmas (paranormal short story)

Friday Night Delights (sensual southern contemporary serial)

Instructing Adam (short erotica, prequel to Ask For It and Go For It)

More Than Attraction (paranormal short story set in the Stormy Weather world)

What Readers Are Saying

I absolutely LOVE the idea of giving us members a chapter by chapter free read of 4 different books! I can’t wait to check-in to the Members Only section to see if a new chapter has been put up yet! ~ Cheryl Sanders

It makes me feel special, plus I also like the free reads. ~ Ellen Blakely

I love when an author includes her fans! When I go to your website I am just amazed at finding interesting things there! And the chapter by chapter free reads are awesome! Of course Selena Blake, you are awesome too! ~ Jana Goodwin

I love having a place just for me (and other fans). It’s just an awesome place all around. What’s not to love about free books!! Your awesome Selena! ~ Jodie Stump

I have enjoyed going to your website, it is really amazing to get the free chapter, the interaction with your fan base. You are one the best authors around. I love everything that I have read so far. The free reads works really well. ~ Belinda Simmons

I like than an author sets up an area for their fans. The free reads are a great plus. ~ Zita Rivera

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