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Have you read the Stormy Weather Collector’s Edition?

If you’re on Kobo, Apple or Google Play, chances are, you haven’t read the Collector’s Edition. A lapse on my part means that this book has only been offered on these platforms in the last few days.

But the good news is it’s available now so go get it!


Set in Louisiana, the Stormy Weather series follows the sinfully handsome Deveraux men on their quest to true love. This hurricane season the stars are finally aligned just right and these smooth talking wolf shifters are in for a wild ride full of danger and passion!

In The Cajun’s Captive, Alpha Sebastian has a blast from the past when he comes face to face with the woman he thought would be his other half. Now he’ll do anything to win her back, even tie her to his bed.

Then his younger brothers meet a wildlife photographer in the heart of the bayou in Bitten In The Bayou. With a hurricane baring down on them, they’ll offer her shelter but will Jules lose his heart to the beautiful strawberry blonde or will her past catch up with her?

Just a month later, in Seduced by a Cajun Werewolf cousin Laurent is wondering what’s in the water when he sees a ghost. The love of his life is alive and well and trying to kill him!

Brother Andre is in Savannah on business in Mated to a Cajun Werewolf when his past catches up with him. Nothing is what it seems and once again mother nature is showing her teeth. Even though Juliette broke his heart, he can’t help but protect her. But who will protect his heart?

Cousin Burke runs away from all the bayou craziness in Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf. There is definitely something in the water down there so he heads north to his cabin in New Hampshire. A near miss with a crazy driver turns out to be a woman in grave danger, a woman he can’t resist. A fierce early season snow storm will strand them together just long enough to unravel all their secrets.

BONUS – 2 other stories set in the Stormy Weather world featuring Stormy Weather characters. 7 stories in all!

Don’t miss this beloved paranormal romance series. Buy now!

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