The Best Week Ever To Get Sick + What I’m Reading

It’s that time of year again!

Rogue_Print_Cover_Graphic_3dAutumn is in the air and so is the pollen. And you guys know how much my body, sinuses in particular, just LOVE pollen! Like hard core snuggles and squeezies.

Yeah, not so much.

So that sinus headache turned into a full blown cold on Monday and good thing too. You see, one of my design clients, Michelle Helliwell, had just send me a sneak peak at her new release, Never Trust a Rogue in Wolf’s Clothing (Enchanted Tales).

So I spent most of the day in bed reading about Bastien and his bid for Eleanore’s heart.

And when I was done, I swooned.

Then, I of course, bought a copy of the book because it hit bookshelves Tuesday.

And that same day, I had a flurry of mail! Mail from several favorite authors letting me know that they had new releases out. Color me thrilled.

See, not such a bad week to get sick after all. Now, I kept on working (design clients need covers regardless of the state of my head cold and I wrote too, because #RomanceHeals) but here’s what I’m looking forward to reading this weekend.

In no particular order: