Seeking Kindness

Seeking Kindness

Recent events in my life have made me explore kindness and what it means to be kind. It’s also made me wonder if we, as a society, should go looking for kindness.

Just today I had several experiences, moments of friction, and I’ll be honest, I feel like there’s a general sense of “everybody’s out to get us.” Has it always been like this?

Is this caused by the current climate?

I don’t know.

In my books, there’s conflict, drama, action and a full gamut of emotions. There are legit concerns about “people out to get me.” Wouldn’t it be nice if those concerns could stay in fiction?

Do you seek kind acts in your daily life?

It might sound hokey or whatever, but there are times when I’ve done something, or not done something, and given myself a mental gold star. But did anyone else notice?

Can we establish a pay it forward system of kindness if we’re all in “they’re out to get me” mode?

Thoughts? Maybe you don’t suffer doubts the way I do, but I’d love to know where you feel we are, you are, your current surroundings are on the kindness meter.



2 thoughts on “Seeking Kindness

  1. Hmmm. It does appear to be a hard, vicious world where kindness and caring are in short supply yet, I experience kindness and caring all of the time. There are so many people in my life who care about me and want to take care of me. I am always surprised when it happens. I said that to someone one day. She smiled and said people like to help me because I help others.

    I don’t care about and help others because I expect something in return. I simply feel good when I can help out another person. It may be something as simple as a warm smile and a greeting. It might be a short visit and just listening, really listening-without judgment. A quick hug or pat on the back works wonders.

    You mention a “pay it forward” attitude. This attitude starts with one person and spreads. Do something that makes YOU feel good. Don’t look for any return. The return is how it makes you feel. Pick up a piece of litter. Hold a door for someone and smile and say hello. Say thank you to someone. Express joy and kindness. The more often you express joy and kindness the more you will find.

    Myhusband called me one day and told me to look out the front door. When I did I saw a beautiful rainbow. He said he saw it and knew I would love it.

    I smiled all day thinking of that rainbow. ? Here is a rainbow for you. Carry it with and when you need a smile, pull it out and share it with someone else (the smile). You might be surprised by what you get.

    • Jennifer, it’s great that you take note of the kindness. I get the impression that so many people don’t. Kind of the opposite. Perhaps looking for it and giving it is something we, as a society, need to practice more. As you said, a smile, heck, even a genuine hello.

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