I’m Super Excited…

Even though I’m still on my self-imposed break up with writing, I am super excited.

By telling myself “no writing” (with the occasional wrist slap) I’ve found the urge increasing daily.

I'm super Excited

I’m so excited about a new story idea.

And the other day I was thinking about a story I’d started a while back and all the pieces just fell into place. (For the writers in the crowd, I asked myself how I could make the plot more high concept and boom. The answer fell into my lap. Love when that happens!)

So while I’m not writing yet, I have jotted down a few notes. Don’t want to let them get away, you know.

It’s a paranormal story, set in Louisiana. I’m not sure if it’s set in the Stormy Weather world yet or if the Deveraux’s might make a cameo. One step at a time.

Your Turn

What have you been reading lately?